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recover from maternal abuse

1: Taking Inventory

Get hands-on 1:1 support facing the traumas of your early childhood.

3: Claiming the Inner Child

Assure her that she is safe by taking ownership of her shame.

5: Voicing the Inner Child

Release the pain she carried and reclaim your power. 

2: Seeking the Inner Child

Retrace your path to locate your inner child and rekindle the missing connection.

4: Honoring the Inner Child

Honor all that she has endured by cataloging her battles. 

6: Adopting the Inner Child 

Reward her and embrace a new path forward together. 

6-Steps for the
Reparenting Daughter

The Mama Trauma Detox is a comprehensive 6-step reparenting program that guides the disenchanted daughter through the process of reclaiming her power after maternal narcissistic abuse.

What is Reparenting?

"Reparenting" is the transformative process of unlearning generational trauma instilled in us by our parents.

To do this we must assume guardianship of our inner child and become the parent they never had.

Reparenting the inner child requires the courage to face abuse they endured, and embrace the parts of you that have been in repressed pain for years.

Reparenting also involves the willingness to see our parents for who they truly are. For some of us, that means admitting that we were raised by a narcissistic abuser who taught us to hate ourselves.

Got Mama Trauma?

"Mama Trauma" is the emotional baggage we carry as a result of our relationship with our mothers.

Everyone has some. Those of us who were raised by emotionally immature and unavailable mothers, have more.


The primary cause of "Mama Trauma" is Maternal Narcissistic Abuse.

It's a form of psychological abuse that can be difficult to recognize and seemingly impossible to recover from.

If any of these resonate, The Mama Trauma Detox is for you: 

 Your Mom: 

  • says things to hurt you

  • laughs at your pain 

  • denies her bad behavior

  • seems not to like you

  • ignores you as a person

  • attacks your insecurities 

  • embarrasses you purposely​

  • lies to get what she wants

  • uses you for money

You've felt like:

  • she is unsafe to be around

  • she is jealous of you

  • she is competing with you

  • she brings out your worst

  • she sabotages you

  • she hates you

  • she wants you unhappy

  • she doesn't know you

  • you're happiest without her

You have struggled with: 

  • feeling worthy of love

  • maintaining self care

  • rejecting fake friends

  • overworking yourself

  • leaving hateful partners

  • setting boundaries

  • saying "no" to people

  • speaking up for yourself

  • getting angry if mistreated

Wins You'll Experience:

Freedom From

  • blaming yourself

  • guilt about your feelings

  • shame due to rejection

  • fear of punishment

  • lack of self-esteem

  • need to people please

  • harmful self talk

  • disturbing flashbacks 

  • trying to understand her

  • angry outbursts

  • crying spells

Increased ability to:

  • treat yourself with respect

  • give yourself  grace

  • trust yourself for protection

  • set & enforce boundaries 

  • regulate your own emotions

  • know your own mind & will

  • care for your inner child

  • advocate for yourself

  • detect manipultion

  • attract loving partners

  • make good decisions

Greater Consistency with: 

  • forgiving yourself

  • voicing your anger

  • honoring your inner child

  • prioritizing self care

  • following daily routines

  • feeling worthy of love

  • rejecting toxicity

  • confronting abusers

  • achieving deep focus

  • saying "yes" to yourself

  • getting restful sleep

Are you the next daughter to detox?
Click below to take the quiz and find out if you're ready...


survivor, creator & coach


"Recovery from maternal narcissistic abuse is a rare and complex achievement. It is not for the weak or the common. When I made the decision to go no contact with my mother over five years ago, I didn’t know I was walking the path of my purpose. I was doubtful and afraid I was making a mistake. I was filled with fear that my life would fall apart if I dared to go a day without her approval. 


The exact opposite was true. Liberating myself from my original abuser unraveled the abusive dynamics I tolerated in all my other relationships. Slowly, I went no contact with all of my abusers: fake friends, false church family, exploitative employers, and an undeserving partner. Going no contact with my abusive mother made room in my life for self respect and safety. 


The Mama Trauma Detox is the culmination of what I learned on my personal journey and my years of professional experience supporting adult children of narcissists in recovering from parental abuse. Leading my clients to recovery brings closure to all that I've survived. I am honored to support other women in transforming their lives after maternal abuse."


Reparenting Coach, Program Creator, & CEO of Ellison Ink - Dani Ellison 

Client Testimonials

"Completely Changed My Life"

"The Mama Trauma Detox completely changed my life. I was on the fence about going no contact with my abusive parent until I did the detox. Even though I knew she was toxic I just couldn't bring myself to break away from my mom. Every step of the program helped me find the courage to finally leave my abuser behind.

I've moved to a new city and haven't talked to her for months. I feel happy and safe for the first time in my life and I know this program is to thank for that. "

                                                                -B. Reese

"I No Longer Feel Guilty."

"I’ve worked with Dani for over a year now, and I can’t express how grateful I am for her support and guidance throughout this journey! Since working with her I’ve grown tremendously as a person in ways that are apparent in my everyday life. Not only do I no longer feel guilty for going no contact with my mother, I am no longer a constant people pleaser. I used to be afraid to stand up for myself. I almost never got angry, and spent more time anticipating other people’s feelings than honoring my own. I am no longer taking the blame for being abused by my family, and I am happy to let go of empty relationships.  Now that I have done the work of unpacking my trauma, I can see that I am not always at fault when conflict arises. I have no problem communicating and protecting my boundaries. Now, I have a relationship with my inner child that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Healing my “mama trauma” has helped me to feel safer in my relationships and be a better mother to my three children. Thank you Dani!!"

                                                          -T. Griffin

"More Empowered"

"I developed a more fulfilling and healing relationship with my inner child. I feel more empowered and am not riddled with guilt & fear for choosing me."

                                                              -J. Carter

"I Finally Get to Live."

"If you are truly ready to do the work and change your life, Dani will absolutely help you with that. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable (and painful), but she will guide you through it so you come out on the other side with a different perspective. Before I went no contact, I felt crushed and lonely, surrounded by family members who didn’t really show that they actually loved/cared about me. I also felt like I had no control over my life because I was worried about their opinion and didn’t trust my own judgment. I believed I was a bad mom and a bad person in general. Without coaching, my life would have continued on that same plane. I’m excited that I finally get to live, instead of just existing. Dani has made it okay for me to be vulnerable and I’m finally ready to heal, for good."

                                                            -G. Jackson

"Excellent Support & Guidance"

"The Mama Trauma Detox has been instrumental in helping me overcome my childhood trauma. Dani helped me find a new perspective on life. I could not have made this transformation without her excellent support and guidance. "

                                                                 -E. Parker

"A Wonderful and Caring Coach"

"What makes coaching with Dani unique is that she has dealt with a narcissistic parent to the extreme and her decision to go no contact with that parent was a brave but necessary decision to maintain her sanity. She has done a lot of work to heal from her childhood trauma so she can relate to what other women are experiencing as they go on the journey to no contact and therefore help them to accept the decision and move forward with their lives in love and happiness. Dani is a wonderful and caring coach who listens to understand."

                                                               -K. Sparks

"I Feel More Open to Life."

"I was struggling to understand my mom's toxic behavior when I tried the detox. It gave me hope that I’m not the crazy one in our relationship. Now, I'm able to communicate more effectively when interacting with my mom. I feel more open to life, more stress free, and I’m better able to protect my peace."

                                                                 -S. Keller

"Something I've Never Experienced Before"

"My first impression of Dani Ellison was that she instantly put me at ease. I had been very anxious before our session as I had been (unconsciously) waiting for this appointment for the last 42 years - my whole life. Dani's very calm and kind demeanor, along with her personal and professional experience really helped me feel understood and validated throughout. There's a level of empathy that can only truly be reached if you have personally gone through a similar/the same situation as the other person and I truly felt that empathy during my session. This is something I've never experienced before with other therapists in the past and it made me feel that flicker of hope inside of me grow for the first time in a long time! Everything associated with this initial consultation was professionally planned and executed. I was sent homework to get on with before my next meeting and I came away feeling excited and emotional for my next session. 

                                                       -P. Bonaparte

"A Journey Worth Taking"

"I was skeptical at first, but The Mama Trauma Detox turned out to be exactly what I needed. It was definitely a journey worth taking. I feel like I am finally able to heal and move on from the past."

                                                          -G. Thigpen

"Empowering & Healing"

"I have tried many programs and therapies before, but nothing has had such a profound impact on me as the Mama Trauma Detox. Dani is empowering and healing daughters who are in bondage. I highly recommend!"

                                                              -L. Withers

An Advocate for Black Women

"Dani is a Black woman who doesn’t shy away from the issues that are unique to us. This makes her so much easier to open up to. She is very insightful and has a very good understanding of the narcissistic parent. I’ve been on a journey of self discovery for several years now and have gained meaningful insight into the patterns, habits and behaviors of my life. My sessions with Dani provided me with more clarity on my narcissistic parent and how their narcissism has affected my whole life, as well as confirmation that I am on the right track with my revelations about her."

                                                                -K. James

"Made it  Easy"

"Dani is accommodating, sincere and very approachable. She shared her story and having something in common made it easy for me to open up and share mine. She is gentle yet direct and pushed me to do the work, even when it was hard for me. The Mama Trauma Detox is not easy, but it's worth it."

                                                               -M. Dehill

"Finally had someone on my side"

"My first session working with Dani was a very freeing experience. Leaving my first session, I felt like I was finally able to talk about my experience and feelings and begin healing from them because I finally had someone on my side. She was able to provide some understanding of what was happening in my life and reminded me that I don't have to be stagnant as a result. She gave me hope that leaving my narcissistic mother behind was for the better and that I don't have to fear the feelings that come along with this kind of transition. Before our session, I was a little nervous about trying virtual therapy again since there wasn't a fulfilling connection between me and my therapist in the past but  I am so glad I gave coaching a try. Thank you Dani for helping me begin the healing process."

                                                         -V. Stevenson

"I Didn't Have to Explain."

"It is very freeing to talk and be completely believed. I didn’t have to explain myself to Dani because she already understood what I was trying to say. She has been there, and moved on, from the pain of discovering that a parent is abusive. She was kind and genuine, but also objective in how I needed to change my unhealthy thoughts. She pulled from her own experiences and understood the type of generational abuse that can just pile on top of you. It is hard work being stuck in fear, but after one session I can see that Dani is someone who wants to help women push forward. I’d recommend her for any woman who wants to understand life after going no contact."

                                                           -H. Delcourt

"I Was Strengthened"

"Working with Dani was very pleasing to me because I was anxious and stressed about whether or not the program would work. I worried about what I would say, and how she would react. I wondered what would happen if I wanted to leave but felt too uncomfortable to say so.


When I joined my session with Dani I was comforted to see she is a loving person, calm, soft and understanding. She listened and asked the right professional questions to order to understand who I am, and get a better grasp of how to help me heal.

I left the meeting feeling super happy that I was finally understood, but not only that - I left the meeting finally realizing that nothing that happened to me was my fault. I saw that I was a victim of abuse and rather than blame myself, I was strengthened, knowing that I can fight this and win. Thank you Dani."

                                                            -I. Matthews

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