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Dani Ellison

Trauma Recovery Coach for

Black Women Who

Go No Contact

Dani Ellison

Trauma Recovery Coach for

Daughters of Narcissists & CEO of Ellison Ink

Author of The Going No Contact Guide 

I lead clients through the process of healing repressed childhood trauma while self-orphaning and reparenting after choosing to go no contact with a narcissistic parent.

The most common wins my clients experience are:
-increased empowerment, confidence, and decisiveness
-freedom from guilt and fear about going no contact
-a healthy relationship with their inner child
-increased capacity for self-care and healthy habits
-stronger inner voice and personal boundaries
-better judgement in personal relationships
-relief from PTSD symptoms like flashbacks, rage fits, and crying spells

My services are most effective for adult women who are exhausted from being emotionally abused by their mothers and are ready to end the cycle of abuse. Typically, women I work with have recently gone no contact or need support taking the leap soon. They have already made every effort to save the relationship and are ready to walk away and shift focus to protecting their wellbeing.

Common experiences my clients have with their parents:
-verbal attacks
-intentional/habitual emotional injury
-lack of emotional support or concern
-lack of reciprocity and accountability
-malicious criticism




"When I made the decision to go no contact with my mother four years ago, I didn’t know it would place me on the path to living my best life. I was doubtful of myself and afraid I was making a mistake. I was filled with fear that my life would come crashing down around me if I dared to proceed without my mother’s approval. 


When going no contact caused a domino effect,  bringing nearly all of my closest relationships to a halt, I thought I had done something wrong. Only by following my newfound path to the end did I find the truth of my abuse and the length of its reach in my life. The decision to liberate myself from my original bully undid all the abusive dynamics I’d grown to tolerate. Finding freedom meant leaving all forms of captivity behind.


Recovery from parental narcissistic abuse is a difficult and rare achievement. It is not for the weak or the common. I am honored to lay all that I’ve learned at the feet of other daughters to pave the way for their escape. I return to the place of my bondage to rescue those still captive."


"I had reasoned this out in my mind, there was one of two things I had a right to, liberty or death; if I could not have one, I would have the other." - Harriet Tubman

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