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Lay Your Trauma Down in 2022

6 x 90 Minute Group Coaching Sessions

  • Session 1: Identifying Types of Narcissistic Parents & Patterns of Abuse

  • Session 2: Coping with A Narcissistic Parent & Protecting the Inner Child

  • Session 3: Common Trauma Responses & How to Manage C-PTSD Symptoms 

  • Session 4: Mapping Mom's Trauma

  • Session 5: Mapping Your Web of Abuse

  • Session 6: Collecting Your Inner Child 


Black Women Heal Black Women

Join over a million happy users!

Black Women Heal Black Women

Dear Daughter Group Coaching

Black women come together to surface the pain of being raised by a narcissistic parent.

Join Dani Ellison in a 6 session coaching course that will arm you with key knowledge and get you started on your healing journey. A virtual small group of black women will meet twice per month to support one another.

 Session dates & times TBD. 

Safe Space

Enjoy a safe space for black women with narcissistic parents to process, validate, and heal together.

Key Understanding

Increase your awareness of narcissistic abuse, common coping mechanisms, and strategies for healing. 

Low Contact

The perfect support for women who are currently low contact with a narcissistic parent and not actively pursing no contact.

Why Group Coaching?


Group Coaching is perfect for Black Women: 

  • of all ages 18+​

  • with an emotionally abusive parent(s)

  • who are low to no contact with at least one parent

  • who are willing to be challenged and uncomfortable

  • who are seeking greater inner peace and relief from pain

  • who are new to learning about narcissistic parents

  • who are open to learning, growing, and changing 


When will sessions take place? 

  • Sessions will take place during a two hour time block Monday-Friday between the hours of 12PM-8PM PST. The specific day and time of your group coaching session will be determined after you sign up and based on participant availability.

What if I can't make a session? 

  • Participants will have access to replays of each session. 

How large of a group will I be in? 

  • Group coaching sessions will include 5-25 women. 

Do I need to be no contact? 

  • You do NOT need to be no contact with your parent(s) to benefit from group coaching. 

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