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Included with the Program:

  • The Mama Trauma Detox 6-Step Reparenting Program

  • 31 Reparenting Morning Affirmations & Bedtime Prompts

  • Unlocking Repressed Memories Guided Meditation

  • Mirror Message to the Inner Child Guided Meditation

  • The Going No Contact Guide E-book

  • The No Contact Toolkit PDF

Included Limited-Time Upgrades: 

  • 1 Private 30-Minute Reparenting Session with Dani

  • 1 Detox Journal of your choice 

  • Access to Upcoming Group Sessions

Checkout Process:


  1. Click "Add to Cart" then "View Cart" to enter your billing information

  2. Select the "Free Shipping" option when prompted

  3. Complete your order and check your inbox for next steps!

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